CYNTHIA's story


It all started when...

  Singer/ Songwriter Cynthia's musical journey started by taking piano lessons at the very young  age of only 7.

“Writing songs and singing were a form of therapy for me: music was my true friend back then and it was the the only way to express myself…Music was my comfort…” Says Cynthia.

   Soon enough, The artist took the giant leap and moved to Canada to join her family and pursue her dreams.

Her disciplined mindset led her to spending the next 7 years studying Voice, Piano and Violin , Earning a BA in Music Education.

Cynthia studied foreign languages as well and holds a degree in italian studies. 

The multi lingual singer was soon noticed by promoters that got her several TV appearances on TV5,TVA,LCN,LBC international, MTV ,Dubai TV, just to name a few.

in 2009, Cynthia’s single “Ne m’oublie pas” (the French version of “I will be here” ) She was invited to perform  live , on TV5 Monde during the finals ,on TV5 monde.

In 2015,CYNTHIA becomes one of Isabelle Boulay's 6 finalists on “The Voice ” Canada (La Voix III) in Québec.

The singer/songwriter performed live in front of millions of spectators; she created a buzz in the media with eccentric style,intriguing story ;she was invited to the Denis Lévesque’s popular show on TVA/LCN.

in May 2017,Cynthia puts out her 3rd single "LA LA LAND",that was written in 2009 in Hollywood while working on her compositions. 

The North American tour continues in 2019 after the Lebanese festival in TORONTO, that gathered 2,000 spectators and LDE at Palais des Congrès,Cynthia was given a warm welcome in Ontario with her latest show at the CEGEP de l’Outaouais .

A new album is in the works; stay tuned ,for the singer’s new single “Sunrise” is coming out soon!


En Français ?

      La chanteuse-auteure-compositeure n’a que 7 ans quand elle pousse,du bout des doigts,la porte du  monde

de la musique;Cynthia n’a qu’un seul ami; son piano Petroff, que son grand-père maternel chéri lui a offert.

Après avoir failli être victime d’une bombe pendant la guerre; Cynthia se réfugie dans le monde de la musique.

Jeune adulte, Cynthia raconte que la musique est devenue son unique réconfort : “La musique était une forme de thérapie pour moi, c’était mon seul refuge, surtout après avoir frôlé la mort et le divorce de mes parents.

À partir de 16 ans, Cynthia renforce son talent en étudiant le chant au Conservatoire National , alors que sa voix illumine les festivités et les grands événements de la ville.

Son Baccalauréat français en poche, elle poursuit ses études musicales. Elle obtient un diplôme en Éducation Musicale,en piano et en chant, puis un autre Diplôme en langue et culture italiennes.

Le tout premier single « I Will Be Here », et sa version française « Ne M’oublie Pas », ont un grand succès en 2009, au Moyen Orient et dans plusieurs pays européens.

      L’auteure-compositrice se rend en finale avec “Ne m’oublie pas” aux VIèmes jeux de la francophonie; elle est l’heureuse élue qui chantera sa chanson Live sur TV5 monde.

en 2015,Cynthia sort son single “Cold Divide” et se lance dans la belle aventure de “La Voix” ;

la chanteuse se rend en quart de finale, parmi les 6 finalistes d’Isabelle Boulay ;elle chante live devant des milliers de spectateurs. L’artiste fit la une des journaux et fut invitée également à l'émission populaire de Denis Lévesque sur TVA/ LCN. 

En mai 2017,Cynthia lance une nouvelle chanson qu'elle avait écrite en 2009 lors de son séjour à Hollywood : son 3ème single s'intitule "La La Land". 

La tournée 2019 en Amérique du Nord continue! Après le festival libanais de Toronto, qui accueillit 2,000 personnes et LDE à Montréal, la chanteuse a animé un spectacle chaleureux au CEGEP de l’Outaouais le 27 janvier 2019 .

Cynthia passe le plus clair de son temps à Montréal, où elle travaille sur la réalisation de nouvelles chansons. Un nouvel album est prévu ce printemps …

Et…… suivez Cynthia pour découvrir son nouveau single “Sunrise” qui sort Bientôt !





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27/02/19 CEGEP de l’Outaouais,Gatineau,Qc,Canada

16/09/18 LDE North America,Next Gen Festival, Montreal,Qc. Canada

 Fri 07/07/18.              Toronto Lebanese Festival,Toronto

Sat 10/28/17                 Chambre du commerce, Saint James theater,Montreal,Canada

 Sat, 09/23/17                LDE,North America ,Bellagio hotel,Las Vegas,Nevada.



La la land




Verse 1

I didn’t start the world

And I’m not God

You see I’ve been told

Life can be odd     


I don’t wanna change a thing

And let’sdream on

Don’t read between the lines

And just take on  


Give more than you take

Laugh more than you cry  

I’ve seen things fade away  


Chorus :

Why don’t you … give me your hand ,

 And we shall rise   

Up there we must stand    

You don’t have tocompromise


Don’t layyour life on the line

Tells you the wise man

Never mix water with wine

Believe in superman

Sail away andbe aware

Cause you live in La Laland


Verse 2

This is a blinded world

Only a few can see here

Their souls are so cold

While we fight with no fear


You are brave and bold

And you’ll be free

If you Walk the line with me

In this crazy world


Love more than you hate

Don’tblame it all on fate

I’ve seen love fade away

     Repeat Chorus

Ohhhh , la la la la la la

La la la , la la la, la la

La laLand






Cold divide


Feel like

I'm broken

Left me with my heart ripped open



Of built up fears

That I took for granted all these years



Why can't we see more eye to eye  

More love and

less/  saying goodbye

Turn all what's wrong


And make it right



There's not much left to say

A cold divide between our hearts

Separating us apart

How to start

all over again

Find a way Keep love alive

Build a bridge for us to drive

Through this cold divide


  2nd verse :

 Feel like

 I'm frozen

 Left So many Words unspoken


Dried eyes

from all our tears

Slowly drift our focus more unclear


Pre :

Back up before our worlds collide

Take back what we said out of pride

Turn all the fight around

And make love right




There's not much left to say

A cold divide between our hearts

Separating us apart

How to start

all over again

Find a way

Keep love alive

Build a bridge for us to drive

Through this, cold divide


Build it stronger and oh

Never let it hit the ground

Start it over

And let love

Start over again and again

Cold Divide 






I will be here 



  If you ever think that someone elsewill love youLike I do


 ‘Cause no other woman can  take my place and  win you



      I can still hear your voice whispering my name

     And I can feel your soul wandering and callin’        



             I toldthe wind to carry you

            And bring you back to me




            I will behere

Right here my love

I’ll wait for you

To come back

To these naked arms


I will be here

Right here my love

I’ll wait for you

To come back

To where you belong






I have tried so many times  to throw it all away

To dry out my tears since your heart’s gone astray!


 (But) I can hear your regrets haunting you all along

         And I feel your heart beat ’coz our hearts still beat as one!   


      Is that your shadow      I see?

           Are you getting closer to me?

      Repeat Chorus






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